Protectress of the deep woods, weaver of magik under moon light, sacred huntress, keeper of the feminine mysteries. I move stealthily and silently through the manmade jungles, revitalizing and protecting the homeworld.

Bridging the dualities of light and dark, i honor the moon in all her phases, and with it the sacred cycles of life.

Celebrating our earthly existence and the ecstatic pleasures of the body, I remind others that we are all expressions of the divine. Dancing naked in the moonlight, I release all that is not love, and remember the blessed gift of being alive.

Artemis3 is channeled through ecstatic dancer Luna who can be found leading crowds through a journey of their soul, to remember thier birthright - Ecstasy! She is currently a resident goddess of Inner Sanctuary - a healing home dedicated to the divine feminine, where she creates and holds space for others to remember their wholeness. A polyfunctional creatrix she also weaves webs of design, her divine inspiration flowing through local websites and event flyers. Downtempo dj, event producer, logistics technician, workshop facilitator, gardener, community builder and holder of sacred space are the myriad of forms of her expression.



the future is bright
its luminosity calling me forward
to step into its light
and express the divine gifts within
evolution is imminent


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