i  :cartographer of human process (tho some maps cannot be made)

ii :ant on a hill (ou le plateau, mt. Real, pour être précis)

iii:archeologist of ancient wisdoms (found thru flesh and flight beyond

iv:daily witness holding heart of beautiful sadness (everwidening

v :gentle warrior, mindful eye (inward unfolding, outward expansion)

vi:sentient samurai thru bardo crossing (meticulous in the moment before

vii:organic matter - salt, water, photon; several spins around the wheel
(all-terrain, scenic route)

viii:humbled observer of timeless mysteries (awe emptys ego, wonder fills

ix :worldbridger of worldsbuilt - conveying intention thru rigorous training
in metalinguistics (interpreter/ choreographer, videographer/editor/filmmaker, video
environment installation artist,
designer, director, multidisciplinary explorer of sign’syntax (lotuslab
intermedia projects)

x :Operating Synchronicity Xchange: ongoing exploration in the meeting of
sense perception and mythic paradigms (we are the storytellers and the stories told)
   :ongoing upgrade in magical arts, shambhala studies, meditation,
dreamdimension and beyond

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