Jacob Rodgers aka the monk-e

born to the north of my home
at the foot of snow-capped mountains
that roll steadily southward
into the sea
and multiply themselves northward
into the jagged mysteries
ov wilderness
Cascading the length of continents
foot to foot
all patient still buddhas
and sleeping dragons

my home is larger than most
it extends from the tops
of two guardian lions
down to the sea
then scatters into dozens of islands
each one a brilliant Arbutus moment
in itself

a north shore kid with riparian sensibilities and mountain dreams. jacob
grew up wandering in woods where he could, developing in secret a sense of
place and a reverence for all things green.

A student of the plant on sabbatical
currently attending the invisible institute of DADA

I've gathered a few skills along the way which i humbly offer up to the Clan
for future endeavors in the practical:

Bioregionalism (technician ov Home and simple living)
Wood craft and grain science
Ritual Architecture and event structures (website forthcoming)
Urban Mythography (but rural at heart)
Dada and humble soccer coach

samurai monk-e

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