Maggie Blue is a lightweaver
. Blending the Sacred with the Technical, I work within the matrix to stealthily bring in divine light. As I am working in the city doing acting on animation voice work I am simultaneously, intentionally, sending out Reiki symbols along with the recording, which then get edited into the system and played on mainstream TV children's cartoons for all the kids across North America to subtly get ancient healing symbols while they eat their morning sugar pops. I am also a screenwriter, video maker and aspiring feature filmmaker: Currently writing a samurai love story and a multi-dimensional action adventure. I have made four short films, you can see DARKLIGHT, an award winning, (ten min.short) by going to and clicking on video-then-shortfilm-then-darklight. I recently returned from Asia where I brought four other women with me to perform at the Macau Fringe Festival, full trip paid for, and we also were at the WACfest (World Arts Conference), a 10-day arts conference with 200 artists from around the world working together on the 2004 theme of "What is Sacred?"

Present/Future: I am now working with my galactic love/creative partner, Hoi Chiu, on our theatre company,

ALL THEATRE CO, please check out our website at . We are facilitating a Spring Equinox "Ritual of Change" on Sunday, March.20th on the sunshine coast at the Grantham’s Landing Hall, 846 Church rd.

Please see our website for more details.

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