neto is a crosstemporal organizational and experiential dynamik which
incarnates periodically as an exercise in world building and planetary
healing. he is currently incarnated as sijay, a montreal born mountain
man who has discovered himself at the end of the creek deep in the
heart of the elphinstone rainforest of BC. he runs a multimedia design
company and travels the world promoting sentient systems, interactive
visionary environments and worldbuilding skills.

although the scope of neto's incarnation information is vastly
truncated due to temporal anomalies and the lethe of forgetting, he is
currently receiving transmissions from a future neto, who assures us
that everything will come to pass, and advises us to train well for the
coming challenges.

design eye, media development, cartography, metapoetiks, dj, sound
production, outreach, scouting, diplomacy, stealth, encryption, code,
orientation, driving, medicinal path crafting, yoga, chi kung, dance
consciousness, animation, characters, imagination shaping, navigation,
theoretical theory.

UPCOMING representations:
crystal and spore, dj gigs, design opportunities to advance the clan
logo and develop the myth, consultation for web design upgrading,
packaging, general design inquiries.

media design division, full linkup world communication technologies,
permaculture villages, galactik class eco starship and sustainable
planet system design.

crosstemporal resonance frequency. neto: 2323



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