D. T. Muzuki

Sitting silent in a ray of sun cast upon the roji, or dewy path, knowing all
ways lead to the same destination this current samurai incarnation arose out
of a lineage of dusty nomads wandering starstruck in the folds of time. Now
in perpetual meditation his form becomes formless and returns to form in the
blink of any eyes passing by. He is no-thing and empty, all-things in
abundant fullness at once. Versed in the teachings of Tao and tathagata,
having partaken of the elixirs of the immortals several times over, his
presence is ephemeral but no less effective than a torrent of a hundred
thousand butterfly wings cast upon the water's calm.

- skill-do------------->

>event coordination and production: point, support, consultation
>networks: promotional, magickal, distribution, world-wide
>streamlined adaptability: liason, messenger, organizational and managerial
>semiotics: meme development and media awareness, guerilla campaigns
>sonic engineering: dj and advancing production sensibility
>editing and proofing: textual interfaces
>photographic: documentation, set up, sourcing
>fledgling knowledge of feng shui and open system design
>chaos technician: orientation towards the light
>cultural and mythic cartography
>medicine spaces

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