Laying my hat in the lush rainforest of the liquid left coast, I
count my blessings as I wander amongst such beauty. The
cold, dampness of the winter is waning and the flowers are
beginning to bloom. The season springs forth with a new
array of life; the next level creation. I humbly walk the path
that has been laid before me and take comfort in knowing that
this ronin does not walk alone.


.deep beat selector - dj and programmer of flow
.whole systems navigator - on point. in service, or directing the vessel
.sound system: 18000 watts of hi-fi rumble for 10-1000 souls
.equipment for DJ/live sets, rigging
.event and sound consultation, design, custom construction
.fire performance : poi, staff, double staff, guided renegade or freestyle
.promotional assistance and e-commerce enabled


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