In this winter of death… can you feel it?

In this winter of death
Walking through these Babylonian streets of illusion
Dissolving around the edges
Where the people can’t believe
they are in this dream together
Many have become deranged from the strain
The headlines trumpet the bad news on every corner
While the poor and miserable line the streets, begging for change
Generation to generation, all of us holding up
These cages we accept,
Animals were we, and animals still are
Bristling up against each other
So now, could we be Human and Divine
after only a hundred thousand years in time?
So are we poised--to fly or to fall
And whichever way,
it shall be together

So... who do you choose to be allies with?
What is it really that brings us together?
And what is our responsibility in this whole picture?
The reasons overlapping, yet all different
A collective identity is forged out of the individuals
Somehow to keep them all together
Real trust is the highest level
So for what is chosen—Be clear and celebrate its worth
The life-force hums and pulses, insisting myriad expressions
We are its vehicles, imaginations inventing
Stories to guide us and armour us
Making our way through the Mazes

For, the veil between life and death
is as thin as the shallowest breath
At any moment, we might vanish, indeed
(Sub-merged, perhaps to reappear
further down the stream, further down the dream)
So pray death be as full as life
So that for now, we may be here in our bodies for real
Uniquely attached and composed
In awe, and somewhat confused,
Before the vast yet unknown realms
(& balanced by the very real issue of survival)
The mystery is great indeed beyond our knowing
But the moment may yet be held
in the keen beauty of the most vivid present
The life-force pulses, and we dance
It wants us to move around, Making shapes and noises
The music flowing intelligence, enlivening & enlightening us
To reach out towards our higher destinations
The body folding and unfolding
in ten thousand fluctuating mudras
of ever-changing symmetry, held in balance by grace
Divinely encoded, now allowed
To be Released

In the sanctuary of the soul kin’s understanding
Be ready to honour and be honoured
So it is the only way, other than our doom
and disconnection, (which is to miss out on the purpose)
All life grows more empty without it
It is all of this or nothing
To prove, that we don’t need to destroy
the world to reach heaven

So, Let’s refill the goblets with wine
Let the smoke be shared
that the plants may yet breathe through our mind
And our presence, blended into the thickets
Harmonized with sky
The eagle watches high
In this nature’s wild
Upon the earth’s domain
Raise a toast as Clan
Sworn brothers and sisters, green samurai oaths have bound
Each unique in vision, perception and abilities
But agreed: to hold up the light
And see clear the wrongs
Feel your human worth
Commit to freely enriching these moments
Without competition amongst
Co-creating consciously
In friendly ease and awareness
So that this moment’s page of life
May be remembered
Later re-savoured
and told

And so the Mazeguider closes to a round of “So be it”’s and “Blessed be”’s.


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