born in the southern coastal region of baka-liru prefecture,
shen-samurai wanders the trails of time - fluid modalities of space and
spirit - studying the school of no-blade-as-one. perceptually open
through multiple techniques to tao-channels of varying width and
velocity, shen translates the experience of flow into sound from his
deep forest dojo, located in the ocean-sloping mountains of the
north-western rainlands. transforming paradigms by adapting to the
mediated immediate, shen-samurai is committed to serving his clan by
assuming the responsibilities of active change through holistic
world-building in the face of widespread cultural breakdown. honor in
self and word, integrity in being and doing: the way of the green
samurai calls us towards our verdant future fields of play...


audio sculpture and sonic cartography: translating dream and meme into
rhythm and sound
global music network liaison: connection point and consultation for all
audible-frequency-related projects
event coordination and support: point-of-impact strategems for tactical
metamedia interfaces
zen-grounded minimalist approach: wabi-oriented flow-stylings for
spatial arrangement and movement through life
digital initiate: rudimentary design ability with graphics- and
web-based applications
sword of no-sword: wu-wei diplomacy and conflict mediation through
mutual acceptance and widened parameters of being
gravity dance: interacting with dynamics of becoming through sharpened
intent to detect and influence impending geometries

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