sqrwol's role in the clan is as silent and humble sweeper of the temple floor, gatherer of discarded bits of information and language, compiler of the tissues of esoteric whisperings and etymologic patternings that inform this story. in prayer to the Almighty, he is a follower of the primordial way moving backwards and blindfolded towards the call of the harmonies of the celestial spheres. he continues his studies and meditations, trusting in the guidance and inspiration of the sophia perennis, and in the light it shines into the heart.

his role in the clan is as linguistic explorer, mythos weaver, stellar
cartographer, rhythm melder, root tactician, sufic psychologician, seeker of
eternal orientation and explorer of eschatological begendings of all sizes. he
pledges continued support in throwing down the most intelligent and amazing
festivals, gatherings, events, lifestyles, homesteads, world-craftings, and
cultural manifestations of all sorts. he reaffirms his promise in the eye of
Eternity to follow the straight path, the middle path, the heart path, the path
of surrender to the One towards that gilded and jewelled destiny that is
undoubtedly in store for us all.

Samurai Sqrwol

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