Biographic information

Nom: Street Samurai
Class: Teknician
Alignment: True Neutral (balance)

"Called by nature, mind raised in Asia" - Erik B.

Harmonizing in order to equalize
Logic guides my exploration into the
Analog-to-Digital converter
Warrior for Gaian change
Guiding with my heart
Embracing both light and dark
Conduit to the city
Lover of the wild
Apprentice of the past
Crafter of the future
Driven by a sense of wonder

Galactic Worldbridger
Interaction designer
Digital metacrafter
Information architect
Farmer of knowledge
Recorder of mysteries
Student of the universe

World creation and bridging (with a focus on the digital)
Web construction
Audio engineering
Interface design
Web hosting and activation
Technical knowledge sharing

The Past:
This year was a time of great positive change for me. I have finally
removed myself from siren's call of the corporation, striking out on
my own with noble intentions. This excision has taken a great deal of my
time and energy (the siren's call is very powerful) and my role in
the clan has suffered. For this I apologize and beg forgiveness.

My vision of the Clan of Green Samurai

Flowing seamlessly from the clouds of smoke
A conclave of the elite
Intentionally chosen for our skills
Visionaries for the future
Focused in our energy
Noble in our intention
Powerful and committed
Eternally underground
Affecting change on the world around us.

      Street Samurai

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