Tara Dawn a.k.a Terraburst

A traveller through times, an observer of spaces,
a reflective journeyer of being many living forms,
a visionary creator, a compassionate incarnate,
a humble student of the multiverse
a playful ray of light.

A prarie girl with a coastal spirit, my path is to
experience and enjoy living earth life to it's fullest
extent and learn from it's plethora of depths. My
life journeys have fueled my creative spirit and
focused my interests on jewellery and
interior/architectural design, photography, dance/fire
dancing, sustainable technologies/culture,
earth/gemstone science,
and the invisible arts of energy, healing and

My role in the GSC is to support our growth from near
or far with my encouragement, contributions and
productivity. As a samurai, I can contribute with
design skills, event planning, research and
information archiving, gemstone healing and adornment,
healthy living practices through whole-body awareness
techniques, and ideas for preparing for a sustainable
future in the adversity of both human and global

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