Avatars and sentient czars passing through portals into illuminated doorways
saying goodbye to the old ways
taking a sigh letting go of disease
past and deceased our old paths have crashed across the river
never back to uncover
only forwardto rediscover
unlocked books that were once stolen by energy crooks
Now I take back my power
by instilling the gentle lioness with her midnight inner prowl
her silent inside growl taking flight as birds upheavel
swell deep into the realms of hello I am here
once I did fear and listen to my tears of self pity
Now whenver i’m lost I turn on the defrost allowing heat to quicken my beat
shatter defeat
a quiet sad eyed brown haired girl sat beside the seashore
and questioned more
asking why?
she wanted to die and fly into eternity yet her family would cry and that’s not her destiny her faults are to
learn and then later share how life’s meant to be fealt and dealt with the ace of a trump
thump harder inside
crack down the walls
It seeps when you cry but that’s cus you’ve gotten to the waterfalls
The beauty so deep
Only brave explorers get to wet their feet
You’ve accomplished much by getting down into the trutch
now you gotta really look
take out the last embedded hook from out of your quickening belly
tell the story of many
of how much it hurts to feel deeply and it costs too much to be real
sometimes it feels like the spending never ends
like an empty wallet trying to spend the dividends
spare some change?
Times are tough and i’ve racked up the interest from waiting too long to pay it back.
No longer can I wait, I gotta deal with the situation at the present dictation of spirit sparing some change

Can I listen, look and see what spirit is actually gifting me?

A quiet place to rest
told to give in
know I am the best
fully loved

Seduce my inner flowing juice.

I’ve been thirsty, looking outside for water when I always had the nectar.
Star sistars, look inside.
Like the first explorer to see your truth shining bright.
Divinity dewdrops of elixir
Patiently waiting to be licked
Quench our own thirst and there’ll always be more
never need to steal from his juicy store.
Our love is a well, warm and deep, never needing beauty sleep.
Starsistars we are eternally youthful
As she drinks she remembers her stories are infinite spells
desires and dreams as clear as streams flowing fast
warm wishes of healing the past
finely tuned orchestras singing new bells
charming city soundscapes out of their ruins
waking them out of their lull
shining them out of their dull
Awakening each bandit .
No longer do they need to steal or cram
they can spread their love all over -
like rasberry jam on a freshly baked scone
all over- like being magnetized into passion’s fine wine
no need for drunken barbituates she’s fine
relaxing on the unwind of her immortal coil
lingering longer upturned just for the sheer release of the spiral.
Deeper dreams unfolding
hightened tales of sunset’s warmth unraveling her lion’s tail.
Her regal pleasure taking one step at a time
not in a hurry she can watch her own time as a rhythm not on a clock.
Feeling her own passion
shedding does the cloak
waning waxing
moons of blood
cycles of change
Beats coinciding to the grander beat
Hiarchies blending into the One
like all the levels in the fleet
paulsing to the charged heat of momma gaia’s time sheet clicking onto the next shift.
No more smoke break, it’s time to work.
To create the temple that is going to really work someday
not just being satisfied with an “Under Construction” sign with rubbish all about.
fixing the stairs
clearing the stairway up to the roof
where a shining veranda with a view
looks out to the seas
open possiblities seen from temple’s newly refined sheets of golden satin
master bedroom now in service
temple’s sacred space
every room in it is glistening

radiant love

a strong silent gift to the world

from the tower all can be seen and all can be heard
Now other majestic temples are glistening
someone is riding a golden stallion upon the horizon-
a mythological resonance representing a metaphore for my own personel dream
a manifestation of my own inner quest for the restoration of the unique fabrication of my divine reflection

an inner sanctuary where I can dive straight into a safe beautiful home that resides within

I have the key to rememberance:
A quick warm smile and i’m in.

She carries the gift of Swan

Always holding the lover as next of kin
side by side
The temptress and the lover, the hunter and the prey, are playing as they pursue a karmic game of catch and release.
Role playing with our mirrors, switching sides with our selves

It’s okay to want to freeze the moment and hold on too tight.
It’s okay to want to scream out when it feels like the traps collapsed on your thigh.
He wants you, he has you, no need to deny, one side has caught the other no way to try and hide.

Take a deep breath and uncover your feelings.
Being vulnerable may crack the mask but a crack is what lets the light in.
This is life.
Jealousy, worry and strife are old feelings
there’s no need to bring in the wounds of the past because it’s been forgiven
the future is always there
no need to rush the flow
the moment is too kind and never gives a care
so let go and receive like Yin...

She Kuan Yins with graceful ease, surrenders like a lotus and dances upon the breeze.


Written by Maggie Blue O’Hara on Blue Resonant Hand
7:44pm, 2003
Rewritten by Maggie Blue O’Hara on Dec.27th
10:52pm, 2004


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