On Green Samurai Mountain lived a peaceful tribe of wise warriors. Their home was underground, beneath the crust of earth’s surface. They were in tune with Mother Nature’s rhythm and lived as guardians of the earth. They practiced daily meditation, sitting in stillness and listening to the way.

One morning, the warrior in charge of listening to the wind, who had acute clairaudient skills, heard the air divas chanting. The wind goddesses were sending an urgent message to the peaceful warriors. They sang of how it’s now time to break the spell of darkness and the illusion of separation. The warriors knew that the spell of darkness had been cast across the earth millions of moons ago and that it made humans forget their connection to nature and each other.

All 13 warriors observed how they were being called to action. The way was open and it was their responsibility to have integrity and not ignore their mission. The warrior in charge of navigation stood tall and began to share his thoughts with the rest of the tribe. “We must fearlessly fly out of the underground and stride among the mortal humans in the lands where father sun shines bright. We must tell them of the urgency to reconnect with nature”. Then the warrior in charge of archives said “ We must humbly walk the earth and help break the spell of darkness by simply living in the lighte and being an example to the humans.” Then warrior in charge of health said, “Yes, and by living in the lighte, we must remember to represent the full spectrum, a complete integration of all colors is truly healthy living.” Finally the warrior of expression could no longer hold her perspective back. “We can also be of service by expressing our perspective gently. Humans love to be entertained. We can write books for them to read, we can sing for them to listen and dance to. Then the warrior of design splurted out “We can work with the elementals and build gardens, creating fresh vegetables for humans to eat and learn about nature again. Then slowly by working with nature maybe humans will break the illusion of separation by remembering we are all connected and simultaneously one!”

And so their plans for stealthy weaving lighte into the world began. When it came time to embark on their mission they all felt drawn to different aspects of the quest. Three warriors decided to stay inside Green Samurai Mountain and keep the triadic energy strong, maintaining the underground movement. Another three decided to be grounded examples of lighte by helping to shift duality by holding the power of trinity above ground in meditation. The last seven became sacred technicians, living on earth in balance with the material and spiritual realms by expressing themselves through art. As the warriors left their home of the immortals they made a pact to remember their tribe and their mission by calling themselves The Green Samurai Clan.

And so The Green Samurai Clan was born, anchoring lighte on earth by spreading joy and creativity.

Not the end, only the beginning….


Written by Green Samurai Mountain Dancer a.k.a Magi Blue


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