All this fantastical poetic license seems so intense, sometimes when down in the muck I can’t see the light, I don’t want to connect. The wires are too fraid, too much input, too much out put, where are all the outlets and the electrified intent. A long hard struggle we’ve all given ourselves. So much pain. Darkness to learn to swim through and yes, watching other people float on top and even others learning to walk on water helps us to learn by example but it’s so hard some times. Some days I see no reason to get out of bed. I just want to stay in dreamtime where I can climb my mountains but also just fly up and over them into uncharted worlds where faeries fly and I want to stay there where blossoms are in full bloom, succulent honey bursts fill the room, caresses arn’t hard to come by feeling content in my lovers arms cus’ outside this city scape clouds do linger leaving grey days to hover in minds eye making me want to cry feeling helpless in this huge world...

and then I remend myself with needle and thread telling inside there’s no need for dread, instead sew dreadlocks and become the tailor mending my own holes first and then my neigbours.

Why I could set up shop and put the open sign in the window. Tailor open for business, will mend material or etheric holes. When channeling the light bodyworkers do heal and that be my path taking away the need for wrath. Opening up new worlds to explore for there are always new tools for the tailors new store.

Reiki, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and the like, acupuncture, dance and even a new bike would help me climb mountains of self doubt and obscurity, thank god for healing, no other path gets me realing and dealing with excitement like a balanced healthy body in constant discovery breaking boundaries reviving grace and divinity. May God/Goddess/ All that is always flourish within me. Blessed be.


Written by Maggie Blue O’Hara


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