hexagram 35: advancing
earth meets sun as art meets alchemy
(awareness through music)

samurai skool enhancing intelligent movement by applying the modalities and sentient experiences of the kind to life rhythms and cultural frameworks for reinventing our civilization. using an understanding of where the beats meet, the greensamurai worldbuilding techniques provide new contexts from which to experience the unlimited life. using dynamic neonijah training centres in the invisible arts and the chill-do science.

the greensamuraiclan evolve paradigms to connect the future with the present in a lightning flash of intelligence oriented freefunk and the applied science of wholesystems repuffed. creating sustainable ecologies and open flowing understandings of the next level possibilities, the clan promote sentience and express experience creatively to create context and expand the emerging human into new domains of action and possibility. permeating the emerging times with an energetic sense of the evolutionary potential for replanning the planet, the clan articulates terra forming techniques by starting at the beginning after thinking about the end. jedi task force outreach communications representing intentional planetary contact culture.

(advancing awareness)
celestial kickdown
2003 green samurai clan tap root

- shan samurai : elfin alliance


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